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We invent, implement and test ideas. Join now.

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About company

The most successful ideas become business.

Arbina is the place where new ideas become true and testing.

Founded in 2014, Arbina gave birth to a number of products, part of which became breakthrough and quickly gained popularity with tens of millions of users around the world.

The success of the launched products strengthened confidence in the chosen direction, so the team continues to invent, implement and test new ideas, seeking to expand the portfolio of successful projects.

spy manages a conveyor of gift boxes


  • Android-developer

    This position assumes excellent knowledge of Java, experience Android development and own applications on Google Play, but the main thing is the ability to create an impressive UX.

  • System Administrator Linux

    You are suitable for us if: Ubuntu, Ansible, AWS, CDN, Web Security, Distributed Systems, Load Balancing, Failover, AMQP, NOSQL, Hadoop. And if it’s Hbase, we’ll find you a girlfriend of your dreams :D